Plateforme Interrégionale Échange et Coopération pour le développement culturel

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8 partners from 5 European countries have joined together to share experience and mapping the diversity of individual and collective practices of singing throughout Europe, from childhood to adulthood.

Discovering, experimenting, documenting diverse experiences including the study of multiple cultures and vocal training at all levels and with specific target groups (choral conductors, soloists / choir singers, singing teachers , …) in all styles, enrich national vocal practices and enable the partners to learn from each other and promote a network of innovative practices.

In this way, organisations and voice professionals (singing teachers, choir conducting, educators and trainers in choral conducting and coaching practices, …) cooperate for the first time at European level on the complementarities between singing as a soloist and in ensembles, curriculums, repertoires, education, skills, the employability of the singer, the mobility of artists and projects, and more generally, the place of singing in society.

The project also aims to enable new forms of cooperation and strengthen the links between the partners, but also more broadly with all the people and structures involved in vocal practice.

The report of the sessions in Barcelona, Aalborg, Tours – Saint-Lô and Freiburg are available on dedicated pages here on the right.

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Involved partners

France :

  • Plate-forme interrégionale d'échange et de coopération pour le développement culturel (PFI) – France
  • CEPRAVOI Mission Voix de la région Centre

Germany :

  • European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA)
  • European Voice Association (EVA)

Spain :



About the project :


This project is supported by the European Union Longlife learning program – Leonardo da Vinci 2013 – 2015

The edition of any document is under the responsability of the partners, and it cannot be the point of vue of the European Union or the EU administration.