Plateforme Interrégionale Échange et Coopération pour le développement culturel


Musique en Territoires (music in territories/communities) aims to facilitate networking and the conduct of territorial projects useful to its members in the field of cultural development, particularly in favor of artistic practices and music creation.

It is joining regional regional music resource centres, thematic and specialised (musical practices, voice, contemporary music, amateur practices, etc.), and national associations of musical practices, musicians and/or supervisors, amateurs and/or professionals.

Musique en Territoires facilitate the sharing of methodologies, ideas, experiences and works in cultural projects. It participate in building the cultural infrastructure within the country and in artistic education. It also provide connexions between networks to render accessible a certain number of tools, services, and projects.

Its action is reflected notably in the production of resources, training and the promotion of cooperation as a means of cultural development of territories

Agenda Européen de la Musique


L’Agenda Européen de la Musique (AEM), réalisé par le Conseil Européen de la Musique, est une source d’inspiration pour prendre en compte le plus grand nombre de voix possible en Europe et dans le secteur de la musique. C'est une référence donner une vision des usages et pratiques de la musique, dialoguer, évaluer et améliorer les pratiques, l’éducation et la création musicale, encourager la coopération, influer sur l’évolution du secteur et des financements pour la musique …

Engagée dans la promotion de la vie musicale en France et membre du Conseil International de la Musique, Musique en Territoires a pris l'initiative de traduire l’Agenda européen de la musique en français afin de la mettre à la portée de toutes et tous.

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Selection of singers for the 2019 session of the World Youth Choir

3 April 2019

The international jury meeting was hosted at the Drac Occitanie building in Toulouse, France, between the 11th and 14th of March. The jury members, representative of the three patron organisations (IFCM, ECA-EC and JMI), together with the conductor of the session, selected the best singers from 250 candidates. After many hours of listening to the numerous recordings and evaluating the applicants, ...

Singing Roadshow #3 28-30/01/19 Nancy – France

22 November 2018

Singing Roadshow #3 28-30/01/19 Nancy – France

After Paris and Luxembourg, the 3rd Singing Roadshow session will take place from January 28 to 30 in Nancy - France, with Peder Karlsson as Artistic director Come and share a diversity of repertoires, aesthetics and methods during an innovative learning by doing meeting, which ends with a collective creation. Singing Roadshow # 3 is the continuation of a creative, participative...

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