Plateforme Interrégionale Échange et Coopération pour le développement culturel

Teaching singing


Singing in all its forms holds an important place in creation, in artistic teaching and education.  It traverses all styles and forms of practice.  Pedagogical situations, places of learning and different publics are also multiplying and diversifying.

What roles can the singing teacher have in these situations?  Which professions are implicated?  Which skills are involved?  Can we adapt teacher training to these new forms of teaching?

A group of singing teachers, from all over France and from all styles have attempted to answer these questions, in a workgroup directed by the “Missions Voix en Région” under the umbrella of the “Plate-forme Interrégionale”.  This reflection gave birth to the publication “The teaching of singing- which skills for which profession?”, which you will find attached to this mail in English.

This document is a tool whose vocation is to solicit reflection and exchange, in the context of the teaching of music that is in constant movement, and in the case of this English version, beyond all physical and intellectual borders.

We hope that whoever reads it may find food for thought and nourishment for one’s practice, and that it may help to develop schools and the quality of the teaching of singing.  We especially hope that it may facilitate international exchange that we can share collectively, individually or during meetings, tours, round tables…

Most importantly, we hope it will nourish the evolution of teacher training and job descriptions, and help to open the way to an understanding and sharing of the diverse styles and methods of teaching that preoccupy us in all our countries.

Teaching of singing