Plateforme Interrégionale Échange et Coopération pour le développement culturel

Assessments & prospects

The LEO Sings! cooperation project initiated an exploration of language, geography, history and culture of European vocal diversity through meeting others, sharing experience and culture of other people and regions, giving singers, teachers and trainers the opportunity for exchange. Collective singing practise is strongly reflected in traditional and amateur singing, which is generally organized on a local basis. The context of cooperation at the European level gave the opportunity to understand and benefit from each others' knowledge, skills and training programs and practices.

One-to-one networking have been enlarged on a broader basis to organisations and institutions. Thus, existing networks (singing teachers, choirs and conductors federations, various musical and pedagogical organisations, etc.) could extend to interdisciplinary contacts and vision.

Partners have formalised some observation and evaluation of the issues discussed and analysed during the partnership. Community, media and policy for vocal identity are the challenges introducing possible outcomes proposed by the partners, to be relayed in order to influence public policies supporting vocal culture and education, and to continue sharing innovative voice teaching methods and practices.

A large community of singing and singers was born and have been growing up with LEO Sings!, and will continue in the same spirit of openness through “Singing roadshow”, a mobile vocal academy, to bring singing in all kind of venue and situation, that will be developed in the following months.

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Leonardo da Vinci 2013 – 2015

Report of the last session in Copenhagen – June 2015