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Certification – vocal group training in popular music

The skils certificaiton for trainiing a vocal group in popular music was implemented in 2017 in France, in the frame of the “Specific Inventory” of the National Registration of Competences Certiication (RNCP), accessible to all self-made musicians and trainers through individual course and/or acquired experience.

The certification is at the crossroad of different jobs: choir conducting, teaching/coaching singing, musician), to meet the expectations and needs on the “ground” for new formats and aesthetics in vocal practices, with no degree required.

This certification is intended for any musician and leaders willing to enhance their skills: organizers, teachers in general education and conservatoire, in public and private sector, singers, conductors, …

To be eligible, he/she must have at least one year’s professional experience in the following areas: singing, leading/coaching vocal groups and accompanying/practicing poppular music (rock, pop, jazz, metal, world, traditionnal music …).

The issue is to guarantee and certify the professional knowledge of the supervisors in a national certificaiton process, and to get recognition from a legitimate professional body with a sustainable process that guarantees its reliability.

The certification is distinct from the training, aiming to verifying and attesting the competences, through the analysis of a description of the candidate’s professional project and video supports of work situations, followed by an interview with a jury.

A national training offer is regularly updated, which allows access to training modules, in order to acquire all or part of the skills referential

An individualized training course of 3 modules is available before the certification for the design of educational videos, the formalization of an artistic and educational project, and public speaking.

A pedagogical guide for candidates is available online