Plateforme Interrégionale Échange et Coopération pour le développement culturel

Barcelona February 2014

LEO Sings 1/5 “How does one become an amateur or professionnal adult singer in Europe ?”

From 5 to 9 february 2014 in Barcelona – Spain

The first session of the LEO Sings! European project «How to become an amateur or professional singer in Europe? », coordinated by the interregional Platform, took place in Barcelona from 5th-9th February.

The aim of the project is to build cooperation between people and organizations interested in all that concern diversity of vocal practices, with different transversal approaches: individual and collective vocal practices (including choral singing) and vocal paths, courses and curricula from childhood to (late) adulthood for amateurs and professionals.

Through thematic workshops, ” world café “ time of discussions, visits of schools and rehearsals where everybody was able to participate, this first session focused on the question of singing in the different level of learner (school, music school and University) and in professionnal level.

The session was rich in meetings, exchanges of experiences, discovering multiple vocal cultures and in perspectives for the next steps of the project.


Minutes of the session

Presentation A voice for vocal training, by Koenraad de Meulder

Press release