Plateforme Interrégionale Échange et Coopération pour le développement culturel

Singing Roadshow #3 28-30/01/19 Nancy – France

22 November 2018

After Paris and Luxembourg, the 3rd Singing Roadshow session will take place from January 28 to 30 in Nancy – France, with Peder Karlsson as Artistic director

Come and share a diversity of repertoires, aesthetics and methods during an innovative learning by doing meeting, which ends with a collective creation.
Singing Roadshow # 3 is the continuation of a creative, participative and interactive experimentation of a voice toolbox with internationally renowned resource persons that allows:
– To cross genres / musical styles to develop / strengthen the skills of individuals,
– To establish bridges to initiate / structure a process of cooperation and development of individual and collective vocal practices in the territories
– The modest ambition to show what is happening elsewhere: what and how is the teaching, transmission and training of musical supervisors
– To ensure a space of exchange and visibility of the available resource (editors …)

Flyer : singingroadshow3-en


Information on the session